User Agreement

1. Introduction

At AIPR, we believe that communication should be in the most Precise & Concise manner. We designed our User Agreement keeping the following in mind:

  • Easy to understand
  • Not laden with jargons
  • Not as lengthy

As a real estate professional, who is more than 18 years old, one of your core responsibilities is to review property agreements, service level agreements, vendor contracts and so forth. Therefore, we urge you to read the AIPR User Agreement. It shouldn’t take more than 10 mins to read it. This would diminish any misconceptions and/or miscommunications pertaining to the usage of our services.

2. Our Relationship

AIPR is a global platform for Professionals and Enthusiasts in the real estate sector. It is open to everyone who falls in the aforementioned underlined categories.

  • Who are the Professionals?
    Investors, International Property Consultants, Architects, Solicitors, Business Development Executives/Managers, Brokers, Property Consultants, Property Developer, Building Contractor, Civil Engineer, Property Marketer (Online & Offline), Buyers and Sellers to name a few.
  • Who are the Enthusiasts?
    Enthusiasts can be Anyone who is interested and/or keenly follows the real estate sector.

To define our relationship, YOU fall in either of the two categories mentioned above while WE provide our Platform, Products & Services (for continuous reference, we would refer to it as PPS) for your use.

3. Our PPS

Every aspect of AIPR that you use, view and interact with, are a part of our PPS. We strictly prohibit the following on our PPS.

  • Abusing and sabotaging a fellow member’s PPS, a known personality/celebrity, a business entity, religious institutions/faith/belief and any government agency and/or political parties
  • Spamming and/or Hateful/Threatening comments.
  • Infringing our copyright (logos, source code, brand name, trademarks, design, PPS to name a few).
  • Lewd comments and obscenity containting hate, violence, pornography, propaganda, nude images and/or videos on our PPS.
  • Hacking into our PPS to retrieve confidential member information, transaction data, insights, opportunities database, algorithms but not limited to.
  • Discrimination.
  • Bad-mouthing or deriding about us on digital media platforms i.e. Social Media, Blogs, Forums, Journals, Media Outlets, Newspaper Publications, Content Aggregators, but not limited to the aforementioned.
  • Link exchange through our Insights and Respond feature just to generate revenues through CPM, CPC or any other advertising models on 3rd party pages.

If you are found doing the any of the above, then we will exercise our rights to limit your usage of AIPR, its PPS and/or completely deactivate your account.

We reserve the right to review your membership and activities on AIPR.

4. Limitations

Falling in love with our PPS is a natural aftermath. If not, we would strive hard for your love.

Though, we give you access to some of our PPS, but we reserve the right to your access in certain Premium PPS from which we generate revenues. Revenues would keep us afloat.

We would clearly define the PPS segments that are FREE and PREMIUM on our platform through digital and non-digital mediums of communication.

5. Permission Marketing

We are a strong believer of permission marketing. Unless you permit us by accepting checkboxes, explicitly providing your approval, we will not share your details with any marketer just for the sake of earning extra bucks. This is not the way we do business.

We and our partners/affiliates/associates will not personally identify you. We will provide your demographic and psychographic data through means of funneling and clustering.

All automated personalized marketing campaigns gets triggered due to your activities on our PPS. Any other forms of communication through our our partners/affiliates/associates merely represents the target data set you represent.

Data set, herein refers to various parameters pertaining to your profile and your other forms of communication and interaction on our PPS.

6. Your Data is Your Data

All the data that you share on AIPR’s PPS, belongs to you. We do not have any rights to tweak/change/modify your data without your explicit permission. You should bear in mind of Clause 2 of this Agreement, when you share data through our PPS.

Data pertains to PinOps, Profile Information, Respond Comments, Texts, Graphics, Images, Insights, Links, audio visual or any other forms of your interaction that you do through our PPS.

Many internet companies would bury the next piece of information under heaps of jargons, but we want to be upfront with you. We will however, access your data to continually streamline and improve your experience of our PPS. Our reliance on member-generated content is to bring more transparency, accountability and build a widespread consensus about specific aspects of the real estate sector.

So, let us do the hard work of combining through terabytes/petabytes of data, while you focus on closing opportunities, building relationships and sharing intelligence.

7. A Certain Uniqueness

We consider ourselves to bethe flag-bearers of novelty. From the icons to the nomenclature (naming our PPS), we have strived hard to provide you with something fresh. Thus, we acknowledge that early adoption would be slow, but we are confident that once YOU get a hang of it, YOU will spread the word. So, here is what we are going to do for you:

  • We will continually encourage you to build your contact base.
  • We will remind you to get in touch with your old contacts.
  • We will showcase your interest levels in opportunities.
  • We will enable feedbacks on your opportunities.
  • We will allow you to share insights and intelligence from reliable sources.
  • We will REWARD you if you prove your loyalty by generating the best CENAU Scores.
  • We will bring Opportunities to you.
  • We will initiate marketing campaigns that will reflect your interest.

8. CENAU Score

CENAU score is AIPR’s proprietory loyalty recognition engine. We cannot share the specifics of how we calculate the scores, but watch out for our periodical communication that would give you key insights into enhancing your CENAU scores. The key fundamental of generating the highest CENAU Scores is to show the maximum engagement on our PPS.

  • Non-Distinction based Scoring system: We believe in absolute loyalty, nothing can move us in this regard, not even money, fame or business awards.
  • Just by being a premium member, YOU cannot guarantee yourself the highest CENAU scores. YOU have to be loyal and engaging.

9. Privacy

All member data remains private. AIPR would allow marketers to access its community through specific solutions. All such solutions shall not personally identify you.

10. Management

At AIPR, you have the complete freedom to manage the PPS the way you want, unless you don’t violate the terms by sabotaging our PPS (as mentioned in Clause 2). We only facilitate your requests based on the ‘Power of your Choice’.

11. Customer Service

Customer service is of paramount importance for us. We don’t have a differentiated offering in this regard. It’s the same for everyone (Pro or Non-Pro members) engaging on AIPR.

12. Indemnity

You explicitly indemnify AIPR, its Parent and Group companies from all your actions, commitments, representations on our PPS to any AIPR member(s), 3rd party resource(s), government authority(ies) and/or entity(ies).

13. Validity

All the terms and conditions mentioned herein will remain valid till the end of time, even after you deactivate your account from AIPR.This would protect us from any of your past, present or future actions, that is detrimental to us, our members, our partners/affiliates/vendors/associates.

14. Amendments

All the terms and conditions mentioned herein are subjected to change periodically. You would be intimated through your registered email on AIPR about any changes or additions to the User Agreement.

15. Jurisdiction

All arbitrary, judicial matters shall be settled in the courts of Mumbai only.

16. Legal Expenses

Each party shall bear its own legal expenses.